Welcome To Norman Nook Online!

This is the best game ever made as it stars Norman from fireman tom or whatever his name is in his nook, a place filled with minigames for you to try. Like Lift! and... a few others that are comming soon. To navigate the menu bounce normans disembodied he ad and the select the minigames, click the minigame you want to visit when it appears near norman's head (despite the fact that only one game works). In the one fuctioning game (named Lift!) press the space bar to make big hed move the weight. the longer you hold space the more points you get! More games comming soon! Want to play the game? Click the button bellow!

Vist The Nook :) --->

This game was made by PillyMaster so please support him or else. ;)

Here's Norman himself greeting you to this webpage!

List of minigames so far

Want to make a webpage like Norman? Use this tutorial from Neocities themselves --> Tutorial!


Please legalise weed bcause norman wants to get high :)

Weed Trick!.